Fallout: New Vegas Vs. STALKER: CoP

So this steam summer sale can't seem to stop taking money from me (Not much though because of the deals! :)). Anyways I have already bought Fallout: New Vegas ($5). But now STALKER: Call of Pripyat is $3.74 and I can't decide if I should get this too. I have just finished playing the *** out of Fallout 3 WE Mod too.

Some questions:

Which one is better? Should I even bother with CoP if I have FONV?

Are they different enough that if I played STALKER first and then played FONV, I wouldn't be bored?

Any other thoughts?

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  1. very much different enough, play the other stalkers first though.
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    very much different enough, play the other stalkers first though.

    Is the Multiplayer any good? It says it is 32 player...
  3. CaptainTom said:
    Is the Multiplayer any good? It says it is 32 player...

    The Stalker games are mainly for single player. Multiplayer is just deathmatch as far as I know, but I never touched multiplayer because the single player aspect was so great.

    Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and CoP are the best games in the series. Clear Sky has its moments too, but can be buggy. The modding community for the series is great though.
  4. multi poor
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    you should play them in reverse order as then you can enjoy the story as the 3rd 1 is the start of the saga. get the complete mod for all 3 and you wont loose any gfx quality as you play. well apart from the loss of dx11. the mod adds dx10 shadows and sunbeams as well as bump textures to the older games so they look almost as good as the last. if you dont use the mods there is a huge difference between the 3rd and first game. also the mod helps fix a lot of bugs that were never patched so yeah they are essential and dont change the game story.

    multiplayer nolonger works as the servers were shut down. there may be privatley hosted games but i havent tried to play latley it was about 3 years back when i last played the multiplayer and yeah it is basic tdm.

    new vagas is a good game also and worth the money just as much as stalker is...
    i would recomend you get both as you will not be disappointed in either. its the 1 game series bethista have gotten rite lately. if you decide to get stalker. which ever version the complete mod is available for it here just follow the links.;77221 get the patches here.
  6. Got it! Damn you steam sale!
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  8. The STALKER series of games is among my favorite in all of life.

    Listen to HEXIT on this as well.....go ahead and play CoP first if you want. It's what I did....I would recommend Shadow of Chernobyl after that, and honestly I have a hard time choosing between SoC and CoP as my favorite in the series. Clear Sky was my least favorite, but it's still totally worth playing.....and really beautiful as well.

    His advice on using the Complete Mod is also spot-on. DO NOT play these games without the Complete Mod. They fix 90% of the bugs and issues, give the graphics a big overhaul, and generally make for a better experience.

    Comparing STALKER to Fallout is really apples to oranges. STALKER is a pure FPS mechanically, with some survival / RPG elements added. Fallout is pretty much an RPG, with absolutely terrible FPS mechanics. That may or may not bother you depending on what kind of games you prefer. I hated the combat so much in Fallout that it really kept me from getting into the game. I also thought the art direction was really boring and generic in Fallout, but I can see how people might really dig the series.....different strokes and all that.

    At the CoP sale price, it would actually be a sin not to buy it. It's one of the few truly unique titles in a genre filled with mediocrity.
  9. i played them first in order of release and thought they were good. but when i played them in reverse order the story made more sense and became great. basically where 1 ends the other begins. so please play clear sky second... yes its not as rich as SOC story wise but it will add depth to the game as a whole.dont look at it as 3 separate games but as 3 chapters of 1 game. so cutting the middle out will remove some of the overall depth...
    so play em in stalker COP, then clear sky and then SOC and enjoy 1 of the richest adventures available on pc. its totally open world so remember to look at your pda regularly. you will often get lost and it will help you get back on track.
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