Can This Pc run New gen games ?

Hey guys im about to buy an HP touch pc and i wanna know if i can run games like skyrim,bf3,mwf etc also i wanna know if i could be able to run these games while i record with bandicam thank in advance.

here are the specs i believe
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  1. That PC only comes with an AMD A6-3620 APU which has an integrated Radeon HD 6530 graphic core.

    In general, it should be good enough to play most games at medium quality with a resolution of 1366x768. As for bandicam, I don't know how resource intensive that program is.
  2. thats seriously over priced for what it is. you could get a serious desktop for that money or a half decent laptop with dedicated gfx. the all in 1 aproach is a new thing and as such is over priced atm. pretty much because the case needed to house em is so thin..
    im not kidding about it being over priced. i put together a mini atx box with an a8 which out performs that a6 by a good margin for $500 add in a 21" screen and mouse/keyboard your looking at $700 all in. yeah its not a laptop but im just showing what the difference is. you will be paying for design not content.
    really you would be better looking at dell or toshiba if you want a gaming laptop or a laptop that can play games. to play games at anything near decent quality you want a system with a 3d mark06 score of 8000+ that 1 comes in at a little over 6000. which is pretty weak by any standard. a typical desktop will hit 15000 (i5 gtx 560ti).
    as for recording bandicam yes it will do it as bandicam evenly distributes itself across the cores unlike fraps which will use as much of the cpu as is available till it hits 100 then moves to the next.
    but that being said i would still say go for an intel q i5 based system with a dedicated gfx card. your likely to get way more performance for very similar money.

    saying that. the a6's strong point isnt gaming its things like photoshop where the integrated gpu can take some of the workload from the cpu and give overall system a nice boost of 20% over what it is capable of with the cpu alone
    but like i said the gaming performance leaves a lot to be desired... i think jag is being a little optimistic in his appraisal to be honest. medium may well be achievable on a game like the sims but a game like bf3 will be low and sub 20fps most likely. i would say look elsewhere. and if you want to play games and dont need mobility then consider a desktop. even a mini atx that sits next to the tv, it doesnt have to be a huge thing sitting in the corner.
  3. I have to agree with HEXiT on this. Those all in one PC's are pretty much a montor with a laptop integrated into it. They are pretty overpriced for what they are. I don't know how I could function on a touch screen all day or even in games and such. An A6 is nice for enhanced applications, but not so much for gaming. Maybe some very basic gaming, but not 3D gaming. You really should look at either a gaming type laptop or better yet a gaming PC. Your money would be better spent that way. With a desktop you have the flexibility to upgrade as well. An all-in-one or laptop you are stuck with what you get.
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