Upgrade for YouTube'ing.

So~ I've been through a ton of research, and a ton more fanboyism, and benchmarks that always seem to be far different, so I decided to make an account here and see if someone who knows things can help. Now, I'm going to be playing games of course, but also have Fraps running. Also, Sony Vegas for rendering/editing videos. My question, is if this CPU would handle these things with ease.

MB; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157280 --ASRock 970 EXTREME3
CPU; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103960 --AMD FX-8150

I know everyone says Intel, and I've had Intel before and I love both companies, I just think that the 8150 would be a good alternative to a rather expensive CPU. I know the line "You get what you pay for" and.. just please try to be informative. Don't just simply say "Intel, always." I'd like facts.

Of course, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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  1. It's a pretty good processor. It literally has 8 cores. Any multi-threaded game or application can make use of it fairly well. Plus, the clocks are great. It will take a bit longer to render video's.
  2. as for rendering, intel takes the cake, even against the 8-core AMD cpu's. i would link something here but have limited internet access from work.

    even some reviews on this site on the amd or intel chips you will see the difference for rendering is usually in intel's favor. I mean in comparison, i took my 955, overclocked it to 4.0Ghz stable, and we took my buddies i5-2500k (at the time) and put the clock speed to 3.0GHz, lets just say i was not suprised that the i5 beat mine out in rendering a movie and by a decent margin as well.

    And as AMD's CEO has said, they are not in the business to compete for the fastest anymore, intel has been ahead of AMD for a long time now with their CPU's especially when being used for video rendering.

    mind you AMD CPU's are not horrible when rendering, they just will take a bit longer in comparison.
  3. Thank you both much for the information. :) I'm not too worried about the time it takes to render at the moment. At least until I start throwing out more videos such as 3-4 per day. Hopefully then, I will have something along the lines of an i7. Right now, I'm kinda looking for for mainly smooth gameplay with Fraps. I know I'll probably be throwing away some money since I'll have to buy a new MB/CPU in the future.

    Either way, I think I've made my choice to choose the 8150 for now. At least 'till the time comes when i'll need faster rendering.
    Again, thank you for the info. :)

    Also, as a note, my GPU is a GTX 550 Ti 1gb.
  4. I wouldn't see a problem with the GTX 550 Ti because most rendering comes from the CPU.

    Unless your gaming, it will be a bottleneck on higher end games.
  5. Hm, figured as much. How bad of a bottleneck?
    If possible, a little suggestion on upgrade for the 550 Ti?

    Not /too/ familiar with GPU's, as benchmarks confuse me. Then again I'm.. relatively easy to confuse lol. I got this one as a suggestion; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127667
  6. It's one of the main cards I suggest in the graphics and display section of this forum. It's a great card for that price.

    The bottleneck is quite large for the 8 core CPU that you have.

    The 7950 that you will get is literally a compliment.

    Here's a simple little benchmark in frames per second with games and some other applications. It's just a huge difference
    7950 vs GTX 550Ti
  7. Oh wow, that's a definite increase lol. Thank you, I believe I have the computer build that I need at least for a couple years now. :)

    Oh, one more question. The MB I'm getting for the CPU is PICe 2.0, and of course the GPU is 3.0. Would that work, or would I need to get another MB?
  8. No, you do not need to get a new motherboard. PCI-E slots are backwards compatible. It will work, since most newer motherboards run at x16 mode (meaning how fast the data travels). The x16 also refers to the size of the slot as well.

    Most newer cards can't max out a PCI-E 2.0 slot running at x16 mode.

    So, to put it simply, your card can run fine :)
  9. Ahh, that's good to hear. I'm picky when it comes to this stuff, so if I had to go back it'd mean searching for another day or two.

    Again, thanks for all of the help. Relieved a ton of headache on my part. :)
  10. No problem :)
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