Keeping a Full Tower Case Cool with Fans

Hey folks.

Can you help me understand the following about cooling fan requirements?

Let's say:

- I have a computer system with a Full Tower Case housing an AMD Athlon XP CPU (1.33 to 1.6 GHz or so) and an Enermax Whisper PSU (400-450 watts).

- This system will not be overclocked.

- I only want to use fans to cool this system, (no water cooling, etc.).

Here are my questions:

1) What would the following cooling fan requirements be in order for this system to run without any problems due to overheating of the CPU (or due to overheating of any other of the computer's components)?

2) How would these cooling fan requirements need to be altered if this system were going to be overclocked?

- Required Number of Fans
- Required Type & Function of each Fan (CPU, PSU, etc.)
- Required Placement (in case) of each Fan
- Required Specs for each Fan (ranges of specs required for each fan's size, rpm, etc.)
- Recommended Brands / Models for each Fan
- Recommended Most Quiet Brands / Models of each Fan

Thanks very much!
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  1. The number of fans is up to you. Maybe <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> link will help.

    I have an Aopen HX-08 case with a front/bottom intake, a side intake over the CPU and two exhausts on the top. All fans are 80mm fans. I'm running a PIII, so my temps would be lower and at 100% utilisation, they are:

    System: 25C
    Chipset: 37C
    CPU: 33.5C

    I think these temps are fine. You'll probably aim for 10C more.

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  2. Those are great temps!

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  3. I've a screen dump of my system monitor and my hardware monitor. If anyone wants a look, PM me with your e-mail address.

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