Game for p4 2 4 GHz without video card

i need to download a game which can run on p4 2.4GHz 1gb ram but i dont have any gforce card or any grafhics card. can u plz help me to choose any? i just need the name of the game.
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  1. Minesweeper.
  2. Minesweeper or solitare is what you can run pretty much. The CPU is slow, and I bet you've got a socket 478 system, meaning that you can't upgrade to anything faster than a 3.4ghz prescott pentium 4. You have a chance of running some source stuff if you get a new graphics card. AGP cards (I'm assuming your system uses AGP graphics) are really cheap on ebay, a good AGP card (geforce 7800) which will complement your CPU pretty well can be found for £20 (you'll need a beefy(ish) PSU, I think 350watt with 18amps on the 12vrail was the minimum). If you can overclock the CPU, that will help a bunch. But you would need decent cooling, and decent powersupply and a decent motherboard to do this.
  3. There really isn't much point to upgrading. Sure you can get this really cheap

    but to be honest it's not really worth it long term. You'll be able to play games from 2006 and back decently, but thats about it (It would run Oblivion though). I would just look at one of Maximum PC's $500 gaming budget builds and build your own.
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