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I have a really crappy computer. I was wondering what good games i could play. I have these specs
Mobo: Winfast MCP61SM2MA-RS2H the 2 ddr2 slots version
Processor: Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Ram: 2x 1 Gb ddr2
HD: 150 gb
Power: 300 Wats
Graphics: Integrated nvidia 6100
If anyone has any ideas on a good few games i would be very appreciative.
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  1. We won't call it crappy, just old. Your integrated video card really holds you back.
  2. As said before your system is just dated and integrated graphics pretty much count you out for gaming. This machine is fine for general use, but if you are looking at games you will need to start from scratch and build a new one. Or buy one if you aren't into building. We are happy to provide advise.
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