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Hey guys i have been looking into pc gaming for the longest time and finally have enough money to get what i hope will max out the games i want to play(diablo 3,bf3,crysis 2) i have a $1600 budget and im looking for advice from you guys. im relatively new with pc parts and components but im planning on gettting an i7 processor and a great graphics card. beyond that well thats what i need help with lol...
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  1. There is a lot of stuff to list and the best way to get the help is put it together first. Then list all of your rig on here and ask the forums how this looks. But askiing the way you are asking.

    You will get so many different answers to the point of confusion. I am going to link you to a few web sites. You will be able to play around with there configurators and put one to gether.

    I did that then I went out and bought my rig piece by piece and I used there web sites to help me and teach me a little about what each piece of hardwear is and what it does. This is a great tool.

    Or you can have them build it for you. Or you can buy one all put together or you can buy the bare bone kits from But onece you think you have what you want then repost it and get the opinions about it.

    On two of the sites it will show you how much each part is and will show you the total as you go along. I hope this has help you and if you have any questions along the way feel free to ask any of the community. Good luck.
  2. Ok so ive come up with the base components and it is pushing the budget a bit but im hoping it will get the job done. feel free to help me if i could save a little money or if theres anything that isnt necessary for the base.

    case-ARC CS-501 black
    processor-intel core i7 3930K
    graphics card-NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670-2gb
    motherboard-Asus P9X79
    750 watt thermaltake TR2 TRX-750M
    1 TB hard dive
    24x dual format/double layer optical drive

  3. Two things and you have to remember that is the total price for them to build it for you and if you were to do it for your self will be a lot cheaper. The two things I would change for sure is the CPU and the PSU.

    Right now the i7 3930k is over kill for gaming. I wish I had know that when I put together my rig. Get the i5 3570k is recommended for gaming. Plus it will shave off a $100.00 or better.

    The PSU is junk it is one of the worst PSU's you can buy. There is list of PSU's that show you good to worst. Tier 1 = good Tier 5 = bad. that PSU is in Tier 5. I will link you to it.

    But everything else looks very nice. For being a noob you did real good. Back to the PSU's The brands you should look at are Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Siliver Stone, and some OCZ modles.

    If you have them build it try to get the cheapest PSU they have then when you get the rig buy a good one like the ones I have listed. I will link a couple of them to you. I hope this has help and good luck to you on this build.

    Good to bad PSU's




  4. thanks a lot for the help, and yeah ill definitly be getting a different psu as well. One more question though, how long do you think the i5 will last before it starts to fade perfromance-wise with gaming? I cant wait to dive into this world they call pc gaming :D
  5. Well the 2 core CPU lasted 6 years and is still going but not so much now a days. I know I bought a Compaq in 2006 and it was a 2 core CPU. So a 4 core and you would be getting the best one.

    So I think maybe 6 to 10 years worth of usage. With my i7 is just to much over kill and I only use about 40% of it. So 60% is wasted and I wish I had known this when I built my rig.

    Because I would have gotten a better GPU's and a PSU. If you look around with some of these guys on here you will see that most of them have the i5 more that you will see the i7.

    Well I hope that answered your question good luck on your new gaming rig. You will be very happy with it.
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