Problem with The Witcher

I'm currently trying to run The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (the 1st one).

My specs are

Windows 7 Ultimate
Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
4GB of ram
Geforce GTX 550 ti

GPU driver up to date. Game patched to 1.5 which I believe is the lastest version.

I have no idea why the game is running so poorly. It stutters everywhere, both cutscenes and in game. I tried running it at the lowest resolution 800 x 600 and the stutter does get better but doesn't go away.

The machine runs Need For Speed the run fine, it runs Battlefield 3 fine on medium settings. I have no idea why it's not running a 5 year old game on lowest settings.

Help please.
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  1. Did you try an older driver? And not the latest one. I'm not sure if this is going to help, but I don't see much of any other reasons why it's the only game running poorly.

    Did the game use to stutter even before applying any of the patches?
  2. Yep it stutters before and after applying the 1.5 patch. The patch made no difference at all. I'll try an older driver and report back.
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