How well can i run bf3?

i5-3570@ 3.4ghz
12gb gskill ripjaws 1600mhz ram
sapphire radeon HD5830
1290x1024 res

any other specs youd need just ask :)

just want to know if i can run it @60fps at that res on any settings :)
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  1. sapphire radeon HD5830 pritty slow. i get 40fps on high with 6850oc same cpu and ram as u.
  2. thought that would be the case, im upgrading to a gtx670 soon, will i need a larger psu i have a 550watt atm
  3. The 550W will suffice for the setup. But just to be on the safer side, I'd get at least a 600W. What brand is your current PSU?
  4. Recommended wattage for 670 is 500watts ( so a 550watt PSU would be fine - as long as:

    a - It's a good quality one, i.e. a well known reliable brand such as Corsair and is 80+
    b - Youre getting a stock 670, not an overclocked one.
  5. By the way.. if you are going to get a 670, please tell me your going to upgrading your monitor! Playing at that res with that card seems a little odd to me
  6. hah, ill upgrade to a 600w psu :), monitor is next thing on my list ;D want a good pc first, monitor is last on my list
  7. crames said:

    I'm running mine on a CoolerMaster as well. While many people consider it to be an 'ok-ish' brand, I haven't faced any issues till date (touchwood!). Corsair, Antec are some of the better brands which will be recommended by many here over CoolerMaster.

    Personally, I'm happy with a CoolerMaster. :)
  8. What brand/model is your current 550W PSU? It should be sufficient for a GTX670 as long as it has a decent Amp rating.
  9. To answe the original question though;

    A 670 + i5 3570 + 12GB RAM = 50-60 fps on BF3 on full maxed out Ultra settings @ 1920x1080
  10. The psu is unbranded as far as i can tell, so i will definately be getting a new one
  11. Good call!!
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