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will battlefield 3 play on med to hi settings with a gtx 550 ti oc to 1ghz with a AMD Athlon x3 440? (3.00ghz quad core) and on 26" monitor (720p)
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  1. You will most likely be running it on Low with a GTX550Ti to get sustained frames. BF3 is all about your graphics card. I believe low is roughly console level graphics for BF3, maybe a little better.
  2. Battlefield 3 multiplayer needs a quad core. Is your triple core unlocked? I run BF3 on mine with a triple core (mobo won't allow an unlock :() and sometimes it gets really choppy in 64 player team death match. With a quad core, and if you're running it at 720p you should be able to run it a high ish easily, with my GTS 450 DDR3 I can run it at medium high at 720p in campaign with 30fps as the lowest FPS I get near enough. 30fps is what the consoles run at so its far from choppy. Anything higher than 720p and you're asking a bit much. At 1680x1050 you can get medium high with more settings at medium with about 30fps average. My monitor doesn't go any higher so I can't tell you what it's like at 1080p.
  3. At 720p, the GTX550Ti should be able to playable frame rates (Most likely 25-30) when all is set to 'High'. I've got a GTS450, and I had no issues running the game at 'High' settings at 720p. Although, for smoother gameplay, I'd recommend medium settings, with no AA.
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