How well can my computer run games?

Hey everyone i was wondering what graphics could my computer run battlefield 2, oblivion , saints row 3 , gta iv, mw2,arma 2, and borderlands.

Processor: Amd phenom x4 955 Black Edition 3.4 ghz

Motherboard: Asus m5a97

Graphics card: Asus gtx 550 ti

Ram: 16gb corsair vengeance

hard drive: western digital 1tb enterprise edition

power supply: antec 650 watt

case: random antec case

I am not considering swapping out any parts i just want to know what graphic level i could run the games stated above. :pt1cable:
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  1. I can vouch for BF2, oblivion, and MW2. You won't have any problems with those games on your setup at a pretty decent setting. By BF2 you mean the actual BF2 and not Bad Company 2 correct? Either way BC2 would still run reasonably well.

    Your system is pretty decent, especially for some of the older games on your list. Your machine also has a lot of potential. All you really need to do is upgrade your video card if you want to run the latest games. A GTX550Ti should be able to at least run those on low-medium.
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