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I got bf3 and a 3d tv here they are

I am on a rock and a hard place and the person i am supposed to follow is just standing there is that normal?

Does this game look better on 1920x1080 240 refresh rate 2d or 1920x1080 240 refresh rate 3d?

Is the gtx 460 a good 3d card for bf3?? how gig of a jump is it from that to a 7850 is a 480 better that a 460 3d wise remember this is 3d money per performance wise not the best 2d card. Thank you
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  1. First off you will not get 240Hz from your computer. You will get 60 Hz to your 3d TV through an HDMI cable it can not handle anything higher. The 240Hz spec on your TV is post processing stuff that it does to make your image smoother on the screen. Your input is still only 60Hz. The image doesn't change 240 times a second, but the screen refreshes that often giving you the illusion of smooth motion. That all comes at a cost for games, its called lag. When you are playing a game the time it takes to display on the screen is lag, plus the post processing from your tv adds on top of that. Alot of people can start to notice a slight response lag when moving their mouse.

    Second, a GTX460 in BF3 will work fine, most likely at medium settings if you want smooth frames at 60Hz. The 7850 actually does pretty well and you should be able to run on High with a few settings down or off. The Auto video settings works really well. I wouldn't even bother with a GTX480. stick with the newer model cards unless you can pick one up super cheap. The GTX660Ti will be coming out soon and I am willing to bet that will be the card to get.
  2. there is only 1 card currently available that will do 3d for bf3 at max settings and it costs 600+ the gtx 690. you need a minimum of 120 fps minimum to get the 3d to work properly without stutter the 460 may well offer 3d but in reality it doesnt have the grunt to produce enough fps even on lowest settings. what you will get is stuttering gamplay and a headache if your using shutter glasses as your eyes are being forced to focus and after a while it causes tiredness. because its 3d your fps has to be doubled to get comparable smoothness. and this is where the 460 and any other card up to a 680 will struggle. at the moment its an expencive gimic for bf3 it will be another 3-5 years b4 its cheap enough and smooth enough to be considered anything but...
    its fun for a short while but the novelty will wear off pretty quick 1s you realize your getting constantly owned because you cant get enough smooth fps. seriously it is fun but if you feel dizzy or you get pain in your eyes turn it off and go back to standard 2d.
  3. are you talking about getting 3D to work with your 3D TV? I am talking not 3d graphics, I'm talking about 3D with the glasses. If THAT is the case you can't just use a 3DTV for gaming. You need to have hardware that is compatible all the way through. See this site.

    It is not like 3D BlueRay or TV programming, that is totally different.
  4. so in general 3d (batman arkham city civ 5) gtx 460 yay or nay?
  5. all you can really do is try for yourself. you will find out pretty quickly if its playable for your personal standards.
  6. What about my second question and is the gtx 460 a good 3d card for batman arkham city and civ 5
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