where can you get liquid nitrogen?

Ok...so where exactly can you buy liquid nitrogen? do you need some sort of permit? I mean i work in a lab and we have a bunch of LN canisters but they are huge and most hold 100 gallons or so.

Can the average joe pick some up somewhere?
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  1. Try medical supply stores.
  2. We use it out of the huge tanks but occasionally someone's late in filling them so I just go down to the local gasses outlet. They sell LN, helium, dry ice, etc. I live in the wine country where LN is used a lot so I'm not sure if they have these stores all over the place.
  3. try a wielding slupply place my friends dad worked at one and he was able to get some to bring to class to use for stuff

    <font color=red>Gasoline + Fire</font color=red><font color=green> Can be a lot of fun</font color=green> :smile: :smile: :smile:
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