Guild wars 2 cpu build

I have had no problems with hp's i like them alot but its time for a new one. I need one that will run gw2 on med-high settings with no problem.
I looks at this one with obvious gpu upgrades. but i need suggestions on the gpu and maybe just getting a better overall prebuilt with less necessary upgrades?
tell me what you think i would like to stick with hp or dell and just upgrade thank you
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  1. Since you are set on buying the HP as apposed to a gaming rig. Don't get me wrong eveything in that HP case is good but the case isn't good not enough air flow so when you are getting down on games.

    If will heat up faster and maybe even cause problems. Anyway I changed two things on that HP rig I would like to change three things but the price has gone up to much already.

    The only two things I changed are the GPU and Your PSU. The GPU to a HD 7950 and the PSU to a 600w. The reason I did the GPU is because what you said about gaming and settings.

    The PSU is because AMD recommends a 500w PSU of higher for that card plus HP sometimes don't use good PSU's. I would have liked to change the CPU to a i5 3570k. But that is $250.00 more on the $1238.99.

    I will link the change for you here. Let us know what you think and we will get back to you on what ever and good luck.
  2. Is there any well known reliable gaming rigs? because if i could get a better gaming rig for cheaper i will do that
    a laptop was my first choice, that looks to run gw2.


    which of all of these is the best deal and best play for gw2?
  4. yucks said:

    That is a very good deal but one problem It doesn't have a GPU. It does but it is a integrated GPU that is straight to the MOBO. You won't be able to game very well with it. I will link you to some sites.

    The sites that I will link you to have these configurators where you can build your own and learn about what each part is and when you are done you can do one of three things.

    One you can have them build it for you. Two you can copy the list and set out and build your own which is cheaper. Three you can buy one alreasy made just like the one you linked to Walmart.

    The 3rd and 4th link will be to tigerdirect and they have a bare bone kit where you buy the kit and put it together it for your self and the other link is there already built gaming rigs.

    Just so you know it is not hard to put together a rig yourself. All you need is a few simple tools and about 4 hours of time. There are so many youtube videos on how to build a PC plus you have experts on here to help.

    That is if you go that way but you will have fun putting a rig to gether on the web sites. Anyway you go you will end up with a gaming rig and not a shelf bought PC. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    A few things to rember is. What PSU brand and watts. Brands should be Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Siliver Stone, and some modles of OCZ. Watts 500w or higher.

    GPU's for good gaming. nVidia side GTX 560 Ti and up and in the new series GTX 670 and up. AMD HD 6950 and up and the new series HD 7850 and up. nVidia still hasn't released all of the new series cards. Good luck.
  5. yucks said:

    It is a good one except it too doesn't have a GPU just the integrated one and once againg you will not be able to have a good gaming experience if at all. If you get it you still need a GPU as I have listed above.

    One more thing stay away from laptops they are not ment to game unless you pay for the top end laptops or gaming laptops and you are looking around for about $2000.00 for one.
  6. I was looking at barebones cpu's and i am considering getting one.
  7. i just have no idea whats a good deal and whats not and what kind of price range to look at
  8. What is the top dollar you can afford? I will find you one that you will like and it will work for you so let me know and I will give you a few options to choose from.
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