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i have a question, when i barely got my desktop a long time ago and i pretty much get whatever and play any game with great quality no lag everything was soo smooth i loved it, but now i try it cuz i stopped gamig for a while then i tryed to play this one game perfect world and i lagged?? i removed everything i didnt need and i still lagged? help plsss
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  1. I have some questions to ask and if you could please get back to us that would be great. We will start with these 6 questions for now. Good luck.

    1. Has this game been played before on your rig with out lagging?
    2. When was the last time you cleaned out the inside of your rig?
    3. Could list all of your spec's in cluding your PSU brand and the wattage?
    4. Are you chenking your temps?
    5. How long has your rig sat before firing it up agin?
    6. Are all of your drivers up to date and that includes all of the drivers of your rig?
  2. try some software and tricks
    advanced system care software download install run scan and in turbo boost menu try the new gaming mode and use asc power mode
    some useful tricks
    1.go to task manager turn off unnecessary processes
    2.go to start>run type msconfig.exe>hit enter
    in start up tab disable apps u use frequently
    in service tab click the box hide microsoft services and then disable services also
    3.defragment your disk regularly
    (optional)try ready boost go to the link
    this will help you
  3. I had this problem a while back and it fixed it
    1) Try Scanning for Viruses (I got rid of 6)
    2) Go to Programs>Uninstall a Program and get rid of anything you don't need like toolbars etc.(Assuming your using windows)
    3) Google>Search>GameBooster Download From Razer (Helps A LOT)
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