How can a HSF not be compatable

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I was wondering how exactly a HSF can not be compatable with a board. Besides the obvious it wasn't designed for this type of processor... I got a Volcano7 to use on my soyo dragon plus but it didn't work and spoke with the people at soyo and they said it was not compatable. I was just wondering if someone new how it is detected by the board, or what ever info you how they work? I thought it was pretty simple until now. Thanks
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  1. what do you mean it didnt work, it wouldnt spin?
    or it wouldnt fit on the board?
    if it wouldnt spin, you shouldnt be running that fan off the motherboards leads anyways...that is quite a drain for the motherboard headers.
    if that is the case, plug that thing into the powersupply molex connectors directly.
    if it doesnt fit, then that is something that you will have to take into consideration when you buy a heatsink.
    there isnt a real standard for what they put near the socket.
    different manufacturers use different capacitors, and they come in different sizes. and to add to the confusion, heatsink manufacturers make the heatsinks different sizes.
    this is why it is recommended to see if the size will fit in there. if it fits, and makes contact with the core, then it should work, and just plug the fan into the psu.
    i hope that something here helps, and if not, i would say to take that heatsink back, and get something that will fit.


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  2. The only "incompatabilities" are when the cooler is too big to fit between capacitors around the socket, or when the fan draws too much current from the board. Honest John went into some detail. What you should know is that if the fan didn't spin do to high current draw, you can buy a three-to-four pin adapter at most shops that will draw the power from the power supply as he described.

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  3. Don't plug it in the motherboard (except the speed line), use the adapter you got with it to hook it to the PSU. Also if there is space to install it then it's good, like the other guy said. I got the 7 and it's one damn huge setup, if it would be a touch bigger it wouldn't fit my A7V133.

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  4. I've heard of this problem, all you do is hold the "insert" key and turn off FOC (or something like that)in the BIOS...

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