PS3 not working through HDMI cable anymore

Hello all,

After about a year of using PS3 ( PS3 was bought in US, and im using it in Europe) with hdmi on Panasonic 32` TV, it just stopped working. It seems like it doesnt sends signal anymore (its switching between black image, and grayed in 4:3 aspect ratio- the one that it shows when cable is unplugged ).

When i connect it via component cable, it works, but it sends fuzzy image :S. Now, i tried to connect PS3 to my other TV, LG 26`, and it works perfectly with same HDMI cable.

I also brought a friends PS3 with different HDMI cable, it does exactly the same thing on Panasonic TV.

I tried connecting my PC through HDMI to check if HDMI port is faulty, but PC sends picture perfectly, which confuses me, why my ps3 wont work, while pc works? HDMI cable for pc is dvi2hdmi.

Any suggestions? :((
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  1. ps. i only got one hdmi port on TV.
  2. Next time you start the PS3, hold teh power button until it beeps a second time. This resets the graphic/audio settings back to default. I'm interested to see if it detects a HDMI cable is plugged in or not...
  3. i tried that when switching from hdmi to component cable, i tried also now several times with only hdmi plugged. nothing changes
  4. Perhaps your tv needs a firmware update? It's possible that your tv has an HDMI bug that didn't show up until a recent PS3 update. Did this start after a PS3 update?

    Anyhow, it's still a possibility since the HDMI works on your other tv.
  5. perhaps, it did happen around new update, im not sure tho if it has anything with that.
    Im not sure if i can update tv, i dont have usb on tv? or is there other way to do it?
  6. You'll have to read your tv manual. Some use USB for updating and a rare few use a serial connection. Older models can't be updated unfortunately.
  7. I'm unable to find firmware, model is: panasonic tx-32LE7PA, plus i dont have usb on tv. so im guessing mine is probably the one that cannon be updated?
  8. The exact same thing has just happened to my PS3 and Panasonic TX 32LZ80L. I brought it up to a different TV to play the console upstairs and when i tried to reconnect to the Panasonic downstairs it wont connect anymore - PS3 still works perfectly on other TV.

    My Panasonic has 3 HDMI ports and none will recognise the PS3. Strange thing now is even though it wont display the PS3 if i have another HDMI device on (UPC digital TV) the second i connect the PS3 to another HDMI port it blocks the signal of the first HDMI device (EVEN when PS3 is off!!).

    I cant make any sense of it - please help!!

    (Also cant find old PS3 scart cable so no joy there and hold down power on boot up to reset video does nothing on Panasonic TV - works on other TV)

  9. Hooked up another PS3 (brothers) and it worked fine - so my problem is with the PS3 not the TV.

    In case it happens to anyone else: it appears that the HDMI port in the back of the PS3 has been somehow damaged - whenever a cable is connected to it (even without power) it blocks out the signal to other HDMI ports on the TV (possibly sending some sort of feedback??). Anyway since the upstairs TV has only 1 HDMI port PS3 still works fine.

    Hopefully this will help someone else - (now i just need a new PS3!!)
  10. If this doesn't work for you, press LEFT then X after holding the power button and waiting for the second beep. This worked for me.
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