WoW MoP Beta causing the whole system to freeze

After one of the recent updates to the Beta client I have started getting the whole system to freeze while in game.

What exactly happens is the following: whilst in-game the HDD keeps makeing a weird sound, the same one you can hear when copying large amounts of data for example, and then randomly, sometimes after 2-3 minutes sometimes after half an hour of gameplay the screen turns black and the speakers start buzzing. afterwards the only solution is to reset the power switch from the source, as the reset or restart button don't do anything.

I've had similar issues about an year and a half ago on the live version of the game, but it happened only a couple of times then it went away.

Intel® CoreTM i5-760 2.8GHz,
2x2 GB DDR3,
nVidia GeForce GTS 450 1GB

Looking forward to an answer

Thank you
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  1. Try the Blizzard forums :) The game you are playing its BETA afterall :). But usualy black screen/BSOD and buzzing sound means hardware failure and i gues its the GPU
  2. I've tried the blizzard forums, had no luck over there though. In regards to the GPU, I believe there is no way to fix it right, so all there is to do would be replacing it.
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