What router to use for multiple Xbox 360s to access Xbox Live?

We've been having problems trying to access Xbox Live at the same time with our old outdated router, so I'm trying to get information on what currently available routers people are using so multiple 360s can access Xbox Live at the same time. Currently, if System1 is online, and System2 tries to go on, the System1 gets kicked out, these both have their own Xbox Live accounts.

I've looked for firmware updates but none are approved by Xbox Live from their technical documentation, so I'm looking for real-world experience with routers that people have been using in households that access Live with multiple Xbox 360s at the same time. I'm looking for a router that doesn't need any configuration out of the box for the 360s. I don't want to modifiy any DMZ or other setting in the control panels and would like it to be just be a quick replacement of one router to another.

If anyone has any experience in this category, please inform me on which router's to look at.
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  1. Normally enabling UPNP should just work, but older routers may need ports 53 UDP/TCP, 80 TCP, 88 UDP, and 3074 UDP/TCP setup in port triggering to connect to the Xbox Live Server. Best bet is to buy a new router that supports open NAT and all your troubles will go away.

    ANy of the Latest Linksys E4200 Series or Netgear 3700 or later models.

    I personally use a Netgear 3700 + DD-WRT and never have issues.
  2. Whilst your waiting to get a new router, heres a quick fix that will allow you to play at the same time, but will need to be repeated every time you want to do so.

    1) Turn off both Xbox's
    2) Unplug your router, and leave for about 15 seconds.
    3) Plug you router back in and let it fully set up
    4) Turn both Xbox's back on, BUT DONT LET THEM SIGN IN TO XBOX LIVE

    Now the tricky part..

    You need to sign both Xbox's in to their respective Live accounts at exactly the same time. So;

    5) On both Xbox's, get to the Live account login screen and hover over the account you wish to sign in to
    6) Get both controllers in your hands and press 'A' simultaneously (easier to let one you do it with both hands, then 2 of you try at the same time).

    If done properly, it should let you both sign in and play on Xbox live together.

    For about a year, me and my brother had the same problem - one of us would always be kicked out if the other person signed on. So, after some trial and error I managed to figure this out, and it works! Be advised though, sometimes it will take 2 attempts.

    Obviously its not ideal, but it might just relieve some annoyance while waiting to decide on a new router :)
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