Get the blue screen of death when trying to watch a Blu-ray

Hey everyone thanks for looking at my post need help ASAP,

I have windows 7 64bit and a LG BR rewriter drive and 2 gtx 460 sli with latest driver to date 10/20/10.

Software i use (came free) is POWER DVD8.

it will play blu-rays for five minutes then get a blue screen with error messages and then computer restarts. i recently had a ati card istalled and unsure if its because old drivers maybe interfering with my nvidia drivers. (allthough i did erase the CCC and drivers for ati.

I was going to re install windows 7 as last resort (ugh) or maybe buy the latest version of POWER DVD10?
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  1. I would recommend the Latest version of powerdvd try using that or any other bluray player. Do you face similar issue while playing games or in any other case?
  2. no the only time i get it is while trying to watch a dvd
  3. i mean blu-ray
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