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I waited forever for Crysis 2 to go onsale on steam and finally got it but I am a little dissapointed in how it performs on my setup. I set all options to ultra, motion blur high, dx11, high res on, 1980 1020 (no AA settings, odd....) and if I go straight up to a wall and shoot causing particle effects the fps drops significantly, I would say 7 fps, and then back up to 40-50 (I havent tested the fps I am just guessing how it "feels"). Several instances the framerate chugs along in the mid teens and it just feels terrible (generally with high particle effects somewhere). I see benchmarks with a single 580 doing an average of 50fps and so on and maybe that is my average but the slowdown is just deal breaking for me. My drivers are up to date and the game is patched. Is there any known SLI or windows 7 64 bit problems or other known errors that cause slowdown? I am positive my system can do better! Thanks!
On a side note I feel the game is gorgeous but that it is still comparable to Crysis 1 graphically... The most blaring downgrade is textures on character models... cant see stitching etc on clothes in Crysis 2 near as well as Crysis 1, it was like "wow" detail in Crysis 1. The reflection stuff is fantastic however.
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  1. To be honest, I dont really know about Crysis 2 so I wont be able to help much.. but I dont like seeing unanswered posts! That being said..

    Have you tried running with only one 580 and seeing what sort of performance you get?
  2. I tried a single card. It took a performance hit so I am gaining performance with SLI. Right now I am having trouble with crashes. It appears It only affects later levels and I am unable to continue the game right now due to it crashing at the same spot each time. In the 18th level "Out of Ashes" on the skyscraper balcony it crashes after a couple minutes, sometimes 30 seconds. I have googled for a couple hours and tried a few things but nothing seems to be working... Jeez
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