Starcraft 2: Low FPS during large battles

So I've got a decent computer.

i7 920 @ stock
Gigabyte HD7970 OC Edition
6GB RAM 1333MHz
Windows 7

Yet when I play multiplayer games, and when there are large battles, I get single digit FPS (1-9fps). Normally I'd get it maxed out at 60fps V-Synced.

I've got triple buffering on and V-Sync forced.

I play BF3, Crysis 2, Spec ops The Line, all fine.

Any clues what's causing this?
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  1. If its only on multi player it could be the other player/players, someone I play it with lags everyone else if he forgets to put his laptop on high performance instead of power saving.
  2. If other games run fine then the problem might be with Starcraft 2. Have you tried playing a match with all settings turned low?

    Just in case to be sure. Use HWMonitor:

    Let the program run in the background when you play Starcraft 2. It might also be a overheating issue.
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