RAM Upgrade Boost FPS?

Hey everyone,
First, my specs are as follows:

HP Pavillion G6 Laptop
AMD A6-3420M Processor with Radeon HD Graphics

I'm thinking about upgrading to 8GB of RAM but I don't want to spend the money if it won't improve my laptops performance. Will upgrading to 8GB make games like League of Legends, Minecraft (specifically x64 and x128 texture packs), TF2, Civ 5, etc. run any better or am I just going to be bottlenecked by my CPU/GPU?
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    For the games that you mentioned above I don't think that boosting the RAM would give you better performance as these games don't use RAM that much
  2. Ok, is there any case where the RAM upgrade WOULD increase performance or am I just going to be bottlenecked by the CPU/GPU?
  3. The only game I could think would get improvement is Battlefield 3, though the improvement will be minor.
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  5. Ok thanks, won't be buying the RAM upgrade in this case
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