Can My Current setup play BattleField 3

can my current setup play bf3 and on what graphics (because im not buying it if my computer cant play it good)

CPU : AMD FX 4170 Quad Core 4.2Ghz (4.4Ghz Turbo) Black Edition Bulldozer Architecture

Ram : 8Gb 1300MHz (4x4Gb)

MotherBoard : Asus M5A78L-M/USB3

Graphics Card : 1GB EVGA GTX 550 Ti Superclocked, 4514MHz GDDR5, GPU 981MHz, 192 Cores, 2x DL DVI-I/ mini HDMI

Power Supply : 750W Alpine

Hard Drive : Western Digital 250Gb 7200 Rpm
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  1. I have a Zotac GTX 550 ti (the standard clock version) and currently play at 1360x768 with all settings at high and get between 40-60fps constantly. I haven't tested it out in 1080p but I can do if required.

    I don't know about whether the rest of your build will cause pottential bottlenecks because I am not experienced with AMD CPUs, but it'll probably be fine.
  2. you can do better, it still looks nice at medium though.
  3. Don't get that power supply unless you want a fire. The 550ti is not normally a good value card unless you are getting it very cheap, a Radeon 6850 gives much better performance for not much more cash.
  4. I used to use a 550ti that I OC'd myself. At 1080p you will be running a low/medium mix with no AA if you want your FPS in the 50's. If you can accept lower FPS (not advisable) you can run a medium/some high mix again no AA.
  5. It will play it around medium graphical settings depending on your resolution. I would try and find a little more potent video card. A GTX560TI or higher would be worth the upgrade.

    Also curious where this PC is coming from. Is it new or used. The 250GB drive seems a little small to be a new desktop. The 750 Alpine power supply is also questionable. Never heard of them, which is usually bad. A quick search shows them to be a pretty cheap unit.
  6. ok this pc i built myself im not the one to have loads of hdd space and the alpine psu was given to me free by a local shop when i built my pc
  7. Your PC should be fine on graphic settings somewhere around Medium. The AUTO setting is actually pretty good in BF3 so you can try just setting it to that rather than tweaking around with them. There are plenty of people playing the game with GTX550Ti's. It will at the bear minimum look better than any console.
  8. yes but i just wanna know which one of these (hardware wise) is better
    Radeon 6450 this one to be precise
    ( [...] d:23725754 )
    or the 550 ti Superclocked
    ( [...] -mini-hdmi )
  9. sorry links broken VV 6850 [...] -mini-hdmi
    VV 550 ti supeclocked [...] d:23725754
  10. copy then paste into adress bar sorry
  11. my zotac 550ti amp edition runs bf3 fine. On high settings i get around 45fps min.
  12. one question though which one is truely better the radeon 6850 or the 550 ti superclocked
  13. 6850
  14. i live in the uk and ive got a scan account for free delivery :D
  15. Novatech is UK and I would worry the scan one may not come back into stock
  16. I have a Radeon HD 6850 and am EVGA GTX 550 Ti Superclocked 2GB and surprisingly I cant say I agree with saying the 6850 is better. I have tested them both on the same system and they are too similar for me to say one is better than the other overall. The 550 seemed a little faster in Skyrim and the 6850 excelled in bf3. But idk maybe that is just becuase the 550 has 2gb vram and the 6850 has only 1 gig which made it a little slower in skyrim becuase of the hd texture pack and so forth. (I have seen skyrim use up to 2.7gb vram no mods).

    EVGAs superclocked gtx 550 ti seems to be significantly better than ur average "oh gtx 550 ti sucks just get a 560" but hey you have a 1gb 550 so maybe the 6850 would be the better option as it is a little faster technically and plays bf3 just fine (not ultra obv)

    good luck..
  17. It looks fine to me
  18. thats the thing that concerns me they say the 550ti is worse than the 6850 but the 550ti has a higher memory and clock than the 6850. this makes no sense
  19. NeoReaper98 said:
    thats the thing that concerns me they say the 550ti is worse than the 6850 but the 550ti has a higher memory and clock than the 6850. this makes no sense

    That statement depends heavily on which card you are talking about (EVGA, Zotac, HIS, MSI, XFX... etc. 1GB,2GB...etc. and Superclocked or not Superclocked)

    I own an EVGA GTX 550 Ti 2GB Superclocked (best 550 you can buy I believe)
    Core: 972 MHz
    Memory Speed: 1026 MHz
    CUDA Cores: 192
    Bus Width: 192-bit
    Memory Size: 2GB
    Memory Type: GDDR5
    TDP: 116 watts
    TAUs: 32
    ROPs: 24
    Bandwidth: 98.5GBps
    Texel Rate: 28.8
    Pixel Rate: 24.8

    I also own a Sapphire HD 6850
    Core: 775 MHz
    Memory Speed: 1000 MHz
    Stream Processors: 960
    Bus Width: 256-bit
    Memory Size: 1GB
    Memory Type: GDDR5
    TDP: 127 watts
    TAUs: 48
    ROPs: 32
    Bandwidth: 128 GBps
    Texel Rate: 37.2
    Pixel Rate: 21.6

    They are pretty close but based off statistics the 6850 is faster. Although the 550 has 2GB mem and Transparency Anti-Aliasing
  20. NeoReaper98 said:

    That would be a pretty good choice I think. The 6870 is significantly faster than a GTX 550 Ti for sure.
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