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Hey guys, another question for the community. is the hd 7970 a good card to run shooters like crysis 2 and bf3? i was looking into it a bit and it seems like a great card but everyone i ask recommends NVIDIA..just curious to see what you guys think.
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  1. You should go for Nvidia. I see a lot of problems here at the forums concerning ATI cards, except for SLI.
  2. The 7970 is a very good card but Nvidias 670 gives nearly the same performance but cheaper. It depends what games you play but BF3 seems to favour Nvidia cards.
  3. The 7970 is a great card. However, it is priced a little off in the mid $400. $400 will get you a GTX670 which in most cases runs with a 7970, depending on the game. There is a GHz Edition 7970 that runs closer to the GTX580, but I think it's priced a little under so it might be a better deal. It's almost a preference at that point and could depend on the games you play. Some games favor AMD others Nvidia. I have found AMD driver to be more temperamental than Nvidia's. So lately I've stuck with Nvidia.

    For $400 you can't beat the GTX670, hands down.
  4. ive never en a decent card from ati since 6850/6870. whole ati 7 series junk . amd released the 7series 2 weeks later drop them in price thats a company churning out sht just to make money up. nvidia all the way. ide wait new nvidia cards out in the next 6weeks.
  5. ^
    I also hear the 6000 series was pretty good. I had a 5870 and 5970 and they both had nothing but driver issues. The 5970 was just terrible. I had a 4870 and 4870 CF setup and it was rock solid. No driver issues at all. Not sure what happened lately. I had a 1900xtx and that thing was just amazing... for the time.
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