An old vampire platformer and a asymetric strategy type game


Im missing 2 gems from my childhood and the first one is a vampire/dracula game where you climbed up and down ladder to get to diffrent parts/stores in a house. Dracula flew around sometimes as a bat. Might have been as a boss. I really wish i could find this game again! I am not sure but i think it was a console game.

The second game is an asymetric strategy type game. you buildt a village of sorts and could even place cows and a farms. Then you had to run around defending it from red gremlin/gobln type of creatures who ate the people and your cows etc. Think i remember you running around in a blue tunic with maybe a helmet on, waving a sword around. I think it was something like a tower defence game where the monsters attacked in waves and you had to save as much as you could.

Please help me find these two games! It would meen the world to me!
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  1. Castlevania?
  2. Heys!

    No its none of the castlevania series. Its not as grim and dark. no blood i think.
    I just found the name of the last strategy game i mentioned tho. "The Horde" for sega/saturn.

    Thanks for posting though! =)
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