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Hi friends, I've just installed call of duty modern warfare multiplayer as this is my first time to playing MW multiplayer, there are two option 1: join 2:server something like that, can you people please teach me how to play it i clicked on the second option from the main menu which contains many different options like server name, punk buster, maximum players and many more so i'm completely NOOB at this level. What should i do further?

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  1. If you want to join a multiplayer game...I would suggest you select the "join" option...
  2. ok, am not in my home right now, I've already tried that but it was saying enter key code where do i found that.
  3. Where did you buy the game?

    PS: You are a veteran on Toms Hardware... As if you can't figure this out?
  4. what do you think is that game a copy no, i bought it.
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