Disk boot failure - please insert system disk.....

Hi There.
Can Anyone help me..p-p-please!!!

I recently tried to overclock my really old PIII 450. I have an old IWILL BD 100 Legacy motherboard. My harddrive is an IBM deskstar 30.7 GB.
When i tried to overclock it, i did it wrong and just relied on changing the bus frequency in the bios. Anyway my system locked and when i finally got it back on power, the sytem couldn´t detect my Harddrive and as i´ve learnt no other harddrives as well. I tried to make a new partition and format my drive as well as clearing C MOS on the board and updating my Bios. nothing seems to help. I tried disks from other com´s on my pc but still: Disk boot failure - please insert system disk.... :( :( :(
My system finds the drive in the bios HD detection but won´t recognise it as a bootable disk ???

Can anyone help?

Who´s your daddy ?
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  1. I dunno if this helps but, Have you tried to write "Sys C:" from the floppy?

  2. No, but its worth a try though, thanks :)

    Im beginning to suspect that the motherboard is corrupted somehow ..hmmm

    Who´s your daddy ?
  3. Have you tried to reinstall Windows?

  4. did this to me once, needed an fdisk to fix it.

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  5. Its won't be bootable until you install a kernel of an OS.

    Try format/q/s

    Or try CD-ROM boot.

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  6. First install Windows on it, if you already have done that go to DOS and type 'C:\fdisk /mbr' this will repair your Master Boot Record.

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  7. this happened to me and it drove me nuts. U might have gotten a virus from sombody , i took my comp. to compusa and they could not fix and i ended up paying 100$ for nothing, the only way i fixed it was to get another hard drive , sucks
  8. I had the exact same error message. I just unplugged my floppy drive and that took care of my problem. I had a bad floppy drive. Hope that's what ur problem is.
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