Mechanical keyboard that is most like chicklet

looking for a new keyboard, mine is so old that it has ps2 and I got it for free from a guy that I was selling a gpu to. I have been using and I prefer chicklet keyboards because of the relatively low key travel and pressure to click. I notice my hands and fingers start hurt with an old standard dell keyboard that I used to use but that was a rubber press with a relatively long key press

so what I want is as follows:

*short travel
*low resistance
*preferably quiet
*illuminatated keys (preferably white lighting, if not the next color would be red)
*a few macros if possible but not necessary
*relatively low cost (under $100)
*main color should be black
*chicklet like or chicklet

I'm going to ask a few friends what keyboards they have and try them out to try and get a feel for different switch types. based on text it seems like cherry Mx red would be my best bet

okay well any advice or experiences will help
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  1. i don't know any mechanical kb that has chicklet keys.

    Aside from that, I think that the Corsair K60 or even K90 which would push your price point a little bit would suit all of your requests. It's a cherry-red (light keypress), backlit mechanical keyboard with black keys and it is backlit. It has macro capability and better build quality than a Razer Blackwidow or some other mainstream brand attempt at a mechanical.
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