When I play Amnesia on PC and while im recording with fraps I get this crackling noise in my px11's headset. And also when im done recording I go back to review it and the sound is early on the game itself. Not the mic sound. But for example, when I throw a plate at the wall you hear the sound of a plate breaking. But when im reviewing the video i recorded, I can here the plate break and then about 2 seconds later it shows me throwing the plate at the wall. the sound is early and I cant fix it. I uninstalled fraps and re installed. And I did the same with amnesia. Can anyone help???
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  1. What are your PC specs?

    Video Editing Tutorial how to sync audio to video.
  3. Have Sapphire Radeon 6870
    4 GB Ram
    Dual Core Processor AMD Athlon II 3.10 GHz
    550 PSU
  4. But it has nothing to do with my specs. And its not my voice im worried about I can sync it up no problem. Read it again. The game sound is early than what im actually seeing on my screen when I review it.
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