Can I play ARMA II with DayZ mod?

Hey guys, I'm really new to PC gaming, in fact the only game iv really played on the PC was Delta Force Black Hawk Down back in the day!

I'm just wondering (and I know I'm about to get shot down like a mother) but will I be able to play ARMA II with the DayZ mod with my computers insides?

Iv got a Packard bell
Intel Core i3-370m processor
Inten HD Graphics

How do you think it will hold up?

Plus if it's not enough, how good does it have to be to be able to play it?

Thanks, plus can you email your reply to

Thanks guys,
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  1. you wont be able to play it on an Intel HD graphics chip.
  2. Is there anyway to improve it/ get a new graphics card? Plus how much would a adequate card cost?
  3. Looking at the specs im guessing your running a laptop?

    if so you cant install a GPU.

    however you could make an external GPU if you had the right know external laptop GPU's.
  4. Yeah that's right, sweet. I'll have a look at the external GPU's

    Thanks for you help brother
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