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I have a friend who wants to use Internet Connection Sharing between his Apple and PC. The two computers are connected over a 100mbit standard LAN. Is it possible to do this by simply setting specific IP addresses (the 192.x.x.x) and setting the subnet mask? What other ways could accomplish connection sharing between the two platforms?

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  1. I dont think ICS will work, you couldnt run the floppy on the mac. Also you cant just set ip's and get them to communicate, do a search for "appletalk" that MAY help, best option IMO is a router

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  3. We were able to set up ICS between the two computers with a manual configuration. I set up a separate private ip address on the pc and set a standard subnet (255.255....). I don't use Apple computers so my friend configured his Apple with the same settings. XP Home was fooled into thinking I had run the disk on the other machine

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