WTB pentium3 coppermine flipchip

its time for me to upgrade my 366MHz celeron and put the celeron in my 4th computer im building. i want a coppermine pentium3 at least 500e. i have overclockability in mind so ill pay less for the EB cause it requires very high FSB. someone has a 667MHz which i offered $60 shipped as you can get a new one for $99 but i cant afford that much. ill also accept a celeron2 but ill pay half as much cause they suck in performance! a new 566MHz celeron cost $50 but it uses the acient 66fsb
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  1. I can sell you a 700 garunteed stable at 980 and tested stable to 1021 for $120 including shipping.

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  2. i have a pIII 1ghz flipchip for sale. $140, never used
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