380mhz fsb athlon xp HELP

hi guys,

what do you think? abit kr7a-raid with xp1700+ and pc3000 ddr at 380mhz ddr fsb. cpu mult at 8x190 1520mhz and ram at 190/380mhz ddr. this would be air cooled with a peltier and a very well ventilated case. some of you might remember me posting something about doing this, but i burned my xp2000+ and i'm going to do this with a xp1700+ till i get it right. help me guys. have any of you done thid before?

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  1. well, the FSB is quite high, would turn out impressive results!

    But the 1700+ (1.466 MHz) isnt quite OCed at 1520, you might consider ramping it further by increasing the multiplier by half or even 1 to get wither 1615 or 1710 MHz. The processor would take that I guess.

    if does go through, it would perhaps be the fastest performing x86 desktop in the world! 1710 is already close to XP2000+ that beats the P4 2.2 GHz!


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  2. wouldn't use a peilter (or how ever it is speeled) with a air cooled solutin, the pelter plus the chip it to much heat for an air cooled solution

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