BF3, Recording and a few other questions

As usual, my setup.

Intel i7 OC'd with water cooling @3.4ghz
12GB DDR 3 Corsair Dominator
M4 128GB SSD Primary
Radeon HIS 6990 GPU
Bigfoot Killer NIC
Seagate Barracuda 2TB Backup HHD
System Temp is always under 60C
Alienware 23" 120Hz Monitor

I have recently picked up BF3, and was running medium without any issues (1920x1080). Jacking it up to ultra, it runs fine but drops after a few seconds to 30 fps, though very stuttery and almost unplayable. I am completely unable to record with Fraps as well, even at the lowest Fraps settings.

1. Should I look at upgrading anything?
2. Would a PVR be a good investment, since I enjoy making videos?
3. My secondary HDD has system files for no reason from Windows 7, not sure why, but would this cause any issues?
4. IF a PVR is worthwhile, where would I start? Money isn't a huge issue, since this is my hobby and I don't mind spending money for it.
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  1. I used to record some things in Bad Company 2 and used Fraps. I found, if I remember this correctly, if you set FRAPS to record at 30FPS it would cause my game frames to drop to 30FPS when I hit my record button. I believe I had to record at 60FPS and make sure the game VSYNC was ON. You could try that? I really can't see anything in your system that you should upgrade. I know people have had issue recording to a drive that had their OS and game installed on, but if you are recording to a separate data drive I don't see an issue.

    I don't know enough about the PVR's, but I believe they are mainly used for console recording. You have to hook them up to a PC/laptop to do the recording.
  2. Definitely jealous of those videos. I can't even record MW2 without incredible amounts of FPS drop......there has to be something wrong with my PC that I am just not catching. Btw the proc is an i7 930, which wasn't even around a month or so after I bought it.
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