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Ok, I've read and followed THG for awhile now and viewed their video on unlocking the XP to where I feel as if I can handle it but still there are some questions I have left. Here is where I am at feedback is appreciated.

What will the multiplier be if I unlock per the video. I think I need to open L4/3-4 and close L4/1-2 This should yield a 12.5 multiplier correct?

I have a ECS k7s5a that I see is very limited in it's ability to be overclocked, however I recently flashed the BIOS with ECS's latest offering and the one before that stated it provided support for the XP 2000, I would assume that subsequent BIOS flashs would also include their predecessors??? Which would mean that in my mind anyway, doing this to the bridges and installing the chip on my board would mean that the board would regcognize it as a XP200 and set it's voltages correctly??? This is the big question. Here is the big problem, I haven't found anyone else yet that's posted this scenario and I'm getting way to much fun out of this thing and anticipation of more is clouding my judgment!!
It's 1399 from the factory right?
I increase the FSB to 147 and bang it's a 1540 well that's in XP 1800 territory right?
So I unlock the multiplier to 12.5 at 133 and it's now a 1666, that's I believe in the XP 1900 land?
Now if the system stays as stable as it is now at 147 with the 12.5 multiplier now we're talking 1833 and I'll be needing a bigger heat sink!! The temptation is just to much a little positive feedback and I'll have to try it.
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