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On my old LG VX4400 I could download pictures and change the wallpaper. I just
upgraded to a LG VX4500 and I can still download the pictures, but even
though it allows me to choose the picture i want for the wallpaper and it
allows me to save it when i go out and look I still have the same wallpaper
that i had before. Now the funny part is that the same picture that I want for
a wallpaper I can associate with a caller and when that caller calls it
displays it properly, I have the appropriate USB cable for the phone and I am
using Data Pilot to do the work. Any help in this little annoyance I would
appreciate very much. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.verizon (More info?)

    You can transfer jpg files to the VX4500 but you can't set them to be
    wallpaper. You need to transfer the files as bitmaps to save them as
    wallpaper. Send them over as bitmap files and this will solve your

    Send them as 120x160 and truecolor 24 bitmaps. If you have problems
    with software (datapilot) that always wants to send them as jpg files,
    you can always use bitpim (www.bitpim.org) which will send them over as
    bitmap files.

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