Streaming and Starcraft 2 anyone with experince with both

I am planning on streaming Starcraft 2 on least medium setting

The above is my internet connection -- yes it is wireless and yes i know it would be best if i connected it with either net cord so please don't lecture :P --

and this is the computer i am going to be getting next week --and yes i know the computer will change connection speed and everything I just want an idea where I am headed so far as streaming with this kind of connection--

thanks in advance :hello:
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  1. Umm changing computer will not change internet speed. I doubt you can stream with such slow connection.
  2. Sorry I have no idea what difference the connection speed will make but that PC is not good value and the graphics card is very weak. For comparison toms $500 build had a 560Ti card which is around double the power in a $500 PC.
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