Help for a canadian!!!!!

Does anyone know where I can get a watercooling kit in canada? such as anything like swiftech or innovatek? The only place I can find them are in stores in the States, and because of our current dollar exchange, and shipping costs, thats kind of out of the question. So i'm looking for a store, specifically in Edmonton Alberta, or anywhere in western Canada. I have phoned all over the city to our main computer sales centeres, and no one seems to take an interest in water cooling. Kind of weird, since supposedly, everyone in the world thinks that we live in igloos, so i SHOULD be able to just stick the rad out the windows and have CPU temps of -30 C!!!!

any help would be appreciated.

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  1. You can get one at <A HREF="" target="_new">Bigfoot Computers</A>

    I do not suggest cooling that much unless you have a heater for the chipset. Condesation will kill the processor and whatever else collects the condensation. Shortout City.

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  2. heheheh
    quite funny.
    I don't ACTUALLY live in an igloo, so I wont be putting the processor down to -30 C. I was making a joke for our american friends there.

    I do want the water cooler to bring it down a few degrees tho. According to my ASUS Probe, it sits at about 51 C. Even tho this isnt the actual die temperature, I still want it cooler, and especially since I will be unlocking my 1600+ and bringing it up to 2000+

    POWER is the only way to go!
    ASUS A7V266 1002C
    Athlon XP1600+
    ASUS V8200 Pure GF3
  3. You confuse me???

    Where did I say that you lived in an igloo. I have slept in one on more than one occasion but you could live in southern Ontario or Vancouver. Not cold there. Buffalo, NY is where I live and we get more snow and it seems to be colder here than both of those places. Well if you live on Hudson Bay or are in Halifax you might have it worse off than me. There you could get the processor down to -30C.

    That link is legit. The have a lot of computer cooling stuff. I hope that it helps. Are you looking for something in the US or in Canada? They are in Canada. You will have to pay your PST and GST though. However if you buy it here in the states you will have to pay $1.60CND for $1.00US or so. Your choice.

    I have no problem with Canada. My <A HREF="" target="_new">pastor</A> is a ex-NHL goalie who played for the Flyers and the Rangers. <A HREF="" target="_new">Bob Froese</A>. However it is a nice place to visit but the US is a much better place to live. (I don't want to start a war here.)

    <b>"I'll have a steak sandwich and a steak sandwich." - Fletch</b> :lol:
  4. Hi,

    I am also a Canadian, from Ontario. I frequently check out the Bigfoot web site, i'm really impressed with it but i have never ordered from them. i am sure i will some day. i dont know of any places in Alberta, but BC has, a great site where i bought most of my current system, however they dont cater to overclocking... their selection of heat sinks is pathetic! but everything else is primo.

    if you find a good canadian site for overclocking, let me know! thanks.

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  5. hehehe
    no no, no wars here. america has enough on its hands.

    I live in alberta, which is a far cry from any of those whiny eastern provinces.
    I did look at bigfoot computers. thank you for the link. as soon as my funds creep up, i'll probably get it from there, since thats the only canadian computer place i've seen that has any watercooling anything.
    And PST is not a problem here in alberta. hehehe since there is none.

    but i will agree with you on this part. US is the better place to live.

    POWER is the only way to go!
    ASUS A7V266 1002C
    Athlon XP1600+
    ASUS V8200 Pure GF3
  6. Hey what do you mean, whiney Eastern provinces? I was born in Newfoundland and I ain't whiney. At least we don't have a drunk for a leader! :)

    Seriously though, I can't find anywhere in Canada other than Bigfoot that sells waterblocks. Plenty in the US and in the UK, but none in Canada.

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    How many Newfies does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Two, but don't ask me how they got IN the lightbulb.

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  7. hehehe
    this is turning out quite ammusing.
    I was, of course, only talking about ontario and quebec (if they even consider themselves part of canada anymore).

    I like the jokes tho. the torontonian one is quite truthful, which is why its funny.

    Anyways, I can understand why Futureshop doesnt carry any watercooling parts (they dont carry any real good stuff, otherwise they would have to support it, and how would they do that, when they only hire 14yr old students?)
    but why doesnt compusmart sell stuff like that? They cater to businesses more, and businesses (at least, the one i work for) order quite a few parts from them and build systems themselves. granted, most office systems dont need watercooling, but still, i would think they would still have at least one or two cooling systems available.

    POWER is the only way to go!
    ASUS A7V266 1002C
    Athlon XP1600+
    ASUS V8200 Pure GF3
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