Netgear FA311/FA310TX

onboard NIC died all i got laying around are these. several google searches and netgear site visits later i cant find a driver that is compatible with win7 64 bit for either of the two. win7 compatibility site says that the FA311 is plug n play yet it doesnt work :heink: :heink: :heink: help please :ange: :ange: !!!
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  1. If W7 doesn't install a driver for it automaticly, then you're out of luck and will need to get a new one that's compatible with W7. That's a very old card, it could also be faulty.
  2. are you sure i can't get it to work? i read that some people have been getting both of the versions to work in win7
  3. still looking for help
  4. propane said:
    still looking for help

    Did Windows detect it? if it did chances are it would have installed a driver for it as it's a very common card. On the other hand if the card is faulty then it won't work, are you sure ther card is in good working order. Have you used it recently?
    In any case these type of cards are cheap to replace.
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