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i have a M6TZA system board with a pentium III processor. i want to change the fan cos its too noisy. its a slot 1 sec but i cant work out even how to get the sec out. can anyone advise me please. as u guessed its my first post.
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  1. Do you want to only replace the fan or do you want to replace the heatsink as well?

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  2. i only want to replace the fan
  3. If the fan is ok other than the noise, you can 'silence' it.

    Remove the fan and screws, and pub blobs of silicone sealant on the screw holes of the fan and the corresponding spots on the heatsink. squish the fan onto the heatsink using spacers of about 1cm. remove the spacers after it dries, the fan will be attached to the heatsink by blobs of flexible silicone, and will be about 1cm off the heatsink.

    This reduces vibrations and gives better air flow. i did it to my volcano II and it worked well.

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  4. i can say that raising the fan above the heatsink will nearly eliminate the deadspot that the center of the fan creates...
    and using the silicone would make long as the fan is in there good..
    but by the sounds of works great...


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