Low Fps on GTA and others?

Ive been noticing lower fps on SWTOR and GTA 4. about 2 days ago i was getting 45-50ish fps on gta 4 and now im getting 30ish going into the 20s. On swtor i was getting 50ish and now im getting 25-40 when im in combat in warzones. Here are my specs.
Also when im playing GTA 4 the cpu usage is at like.. 15. So idk if it should be using more or not. Please help :(
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  1. Nice gaming laptop from Dell the Alienwear. Have you been monitoring your temps? Are all your drivers up to date? Have you been able to clean out the dust inside of the laptop?

    Are you using a chill matt for the laptop? These are the basic stuff that could be causing the low fps. Get back to us and hope fully it is an easy fix. Good luck
  2. Did you change a setting in the AMD Vision Control Panel to maybe turn on an insane level of AA?
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