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I recently bought a Razer Megasoma because I liked that it was large and thin but I encountered a slight issue with my Logitech G7 laser mouse. The mouse pad, because of its rough surface, forced the mouse to continually recalibrate; thus halting any sleep processes.

I like the pad but I want something that will work with my G7, any recommendations?

Any feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  1. +1 on the RAT I have the RAT5 and its perfect for my big shovel hand.
  2. Quote:
    There is no such thing as a best mouse, we all have different hands and different comfort levels ect.

    Totally agree. I bought the Ideazon Reaper mouse as a shell shocker on Newegg for like $25 and is the best mouse I ever used. It fits my hand just right and the way the side mouse buttons are setup really help in FPS's. It's all preference. I've used $100 mice on a buddies rig before and didn't like them so much.
  3. wr6133 said:
    +1 on the RAT I have the RAT5 and its perfect for my big shovel hand.

    Cheers to that! Have 1 too and can recommend it without a doubt!
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  5. If it helps you in any way, I have a Logitech Mx518.
    It's quite good for a gaming mouse but I really can't compare since I've never used any other gaming mice.
    When I first got it, it was fantastic! But these things lose their spark so to speak. Maybe I've got too used to it, I don't know. Sorry I couldn't be of much help. :O
  6. The logitech Mx518 goes down in history as the best gaming mouse for sure, but sadly it has become out dated

    i just moved on from my Mx518 (even tho i think about going back all the time) to a Razer with a nice laser (yes it was meant to ryhme)
  7. Logitech Mx518 gets my vote too, (i have 2 one for PC and other for laptop). In general I believe wired mice to provide faster response than wireless ones :D
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  9. Sunius said:

    Sh!t my title should have said best gaming mousePAD...thats what I get for posting before downing my daily pot o' coffee.

    But thats a nice trick, Ill try it.

    And PS Fnck Razer btw. I contacted their CS about this issue and they told me they would not recommend a pad to exchange for unless I bought one of their mouses...WOW

    Then when I asked for an RMA, they told me I could not as it was past 30 days when it took the package almost 2 weeks to arrive, 30 days from order placement, not arrival...WOW again.

    Im now stuck with this pad unless I eBay it. I will NOT be buying any Razer products in the future until their policies change.

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