I cant play Minecraft because it wont create java vitual machine

Hello I really need help because I wanted to play minecraft but it wont let me cause it keeps popping out a error message saying "ERROR: Could not create Java Virtual machine: and another error below saying "ERROR: A fatal exception has occured" I really dont know what went wrong because first it worked before but it lags so I wanted to get the 64 bit to get Far distance in minecraft si it can stop laging so I installed Java 64 bit but still nothing I dont have 64 bit on minecraft then i found another website of another way to get Java 64 bit since its done downloading I went to play minecraft and the error message POPPED OUT I was getting fustrating since i clicked minecraft again and again and still that damn message keeps popping out I tried to figure out what went wrong i try to remove Java and reinstall still nothing that error messages keeps popping, Then I restarted the computer when i went to my desktop when it was done restarting the ERROR message pops out, and I try to remove and reinstall Minecraft again and again. Thats it im out of ideas to stop giving me that stupid damn error message saying that the it could not create Java Virtual machine. Then i called my friends that i cant play minecraft with them I explained to them why? but they asked me a question that "What kinda Computer or Laptop I have?" I said Window Vista then my freind said to me "well i think thats the problem that computer is terrible it dont work buy a new computer to play minecraft with us" I thought to myself is it the computer i have that dont work named Window Vista is that problem? why i cant play Minecraft?
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  1. http://pcsupport.about.com/od/windows7/ht/windows-7-32-bit-64-bit.htm

    Do you have a 64 or 32 bit version of Windows Vista?
  2. i still have a 32 bit is it true? that the Window vista sucks?
  3. Vista doesn't suck that much that you should think about upgrade your PC, just because of vista. I mean if you were running Windows 2000 or something then yes, get a new one. Vista is an OK operating system, not unbearably bad, but not brilliant either.

    if you are trying to install 64 bit Java on a 32 bit machine then you'd get errors as they will not work together. If you are sure that the PC is 32 bit then try going back to 32 bit Java. If the messages persist, look at something called "system restore", which is kind of like a big undo button for program installation and settings changes.
  4. so im suppose to go back to java and find the restore setting?. Well I hear the Window vista is not the most brilliant computer because i cant play games in this computer casue it wont allow updates. maybe... maybe i should get a new pc or just a new computer that involves with window 7.
  5. D3rpy_Hoov35 said:
    so im suppose to go back to java and find the restore setting?. Well I hear the Window vista is not the most brilliant computer because i cant play games in this computer casue it wont allow updates. maybe... maybe i should get a new pc or just a new computer that involves with window 7.

    No, once you know you have uninstalled 64 bit Java, install 32 bit Java. Give the PC a restart and see if minecraft works again.

    If you are still getting the error messages or Java is not working, then open system restore (which is a feature built into Windows) and restore the PC to the date when Minecraft was working.
  6. Your Windows Vista will always be 32 bit. Installing 64 bit Java doesn't change your Windows Vista to 64 bit.

    Java 32 bit will work with Windows Vista 32 bit, and Java 64 bit will work with Windows Vista 64 bit.

    This is what you must do:
    1. Uninstall any Java that is installed on your computer now.
    2. Install the 32 bit version of Java on your computer.
    3. Play Minecraft.

    Sorry, but 64 bit Java will not work with your Windows Vista 32 bit.
  7. well I hope this works and play MINECRAFT
  8. wait a minute i keep getting the the lastest version which is version 7 is that ok or is it version 6 of java
  9. The 32 bit version does not come up like this anymore...all that is downloadable is the 64 bit version. I am trying to fix this for my son but it is not working...do you know anywhere else I might be able to get the 32 bit version....everytime i find a sight that says it has it I get version 7 downloaded....
  10. I read everything. It doesn't show 32 bit and 64 bit. It shows Windows online and offline. It might be the laptop that is the problem. I have a Windows Vista laptop which is 32 bit. I have kind of a different problem. My java is version 7 update 9. I tried downloading Minecraft. I sign in and then it loads. It shows black when it is finish loading for a few seconds and then exits out. This has been my problem for a long time. I am 11 years old and my name is William. I recommend that you should save up to get another laptop. It is probably the laptop pr Windows Vista. I don't really know. I wish there is a solution for the Windows Vista 32 bit version for Minecraft. When I download other games, it works. One game is Plants Vs. Zombies. I think it doesn't need Java. Minecraft, I think is very sensitive to Java. These have been problems for a lot of people. I am not a professional person, but a kid. I might want to get a new laptop that is Windows 7. If it doesn't work when I buy it, then screw my life. Right now, I don't know a solution. Just buy a Windows 7 laptop. Windows Vista is a good one, but there are some things it needs to improve on. Maybe write complain or tell Microsoft of the problem. They might know. If you find a solution, comment and maybe it would work. Thanks!
  11. We have a windows Vista PC it is about 4 to 6 years old can't get a new computer what do I need on it to run minecraft well example a new graphics card a new proseser things like that if you can please reply back :?
  12. I was unable to read the entire post, however, you could try lowering the amount of RAM Java JRE runs with if you have a lower amount of RAM. I believe the default allocation is 1 GB, and Windows Vista is probably taking up 1 GB as well, so if you have 2 GB of RAM or less, it can't create the Java VM/heap where memory is stored.

    You can change this by going into your control panel and clicking Java; then edit the command line parameters. You will probably see something like "-Xmx1024M -Xms512M" and you can change these parameters according to your hardware. 1024 M is 1 Gigabyte of RAM, if you didn't know. The 24 is just left over because of some technical details with computer memory.

    -Xmx512M -Xms256M might help you. Just be warned you probably won't be able to run texture packs greater than the default, and that RAM will probably limit you from the longer render distances. If you can't figure out how to lower the memory limit for Java, you can try finding a tutorial on YouTube outlining how to increase (very common) the RAM, but you can, instead, just lower the values.
  13. it's easy to fix it.First right click minecraft,go properties go combapility tick run in 640 x 480 screen revolution and disable visual themes.then click apply then ok, double click minecraft.If it doesn't work try clicking run as admin.Click again and here you go.WISH IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  14. my java says cloud not creat java virtual machine and a fatal exception has occured
  15. and i have windows xp profesional
  16. :P im 9 and i cant play fuckig minecraft THATS HORSE !@#$%^&*!!!
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