Buying gaming laptop cheap/used

i wan to buy a gaming laptop that can play most games on high settings

budget is no more than 900 and the only reason i want a laptop is because im in the military and cant exactly get a beastly desktop right now(moving in 2 months then again in 6) so i want to get a good,cheap gaming laptop that can run minecraft,rpgs like guild wars 2,starcraft 2,witcher 2, etc without suffering to much

dont care where i buy it from or what brand it is but i was considering this

but wasn't sure i5 would be enough for high settings and really would hate to go to 900 for upgrade

Not sure what else to add any help is appreciated
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  1. Not really sure about the SAGER brand, I've heard of it, but that is about it. However, those specs look good for the price. You definitely want the 650M or better graphics card.
    I am partial to the ASUS gaming laptops, however, the one you are looking at is quite a bit cheaper. The specs look good though.
  2. yea I've seen the asus laptops and have heard great things about them from freinds but i just dont want to spend a grand on a laptop.Even considering desktop more and more now for the price.

    Can you see any problelms with the specs,what can i expect as far as gaming wise,any idea?
  3. The GT 650M is kinda of the lower end mobile gaming graphics card. It will run most games fine. As you climb that mobile gpu ladder they just get ridiculously expensive. However, I would never suggest anything lower than this for gaming. With gaming oriented laptops that have the 1920x1080 display it's sort of a double edge sword. On one hand the resolution is higher and everything looks great. However, since it's a higher res your gpu has to work harder as opposed to a standard res of 1366x768 of a 15" display. I'd still take higher res and a few graphics settings turned down any day over a lower res.

    I understand the budget items with the Sager vs the ASUS. However, here are 2 items I could see on that SAGER to consider. These are just possible suggestions in areas I could see where they would be valuable improvements.

    1) Select the i7-3610QM for +$70. The i5 is a dual core w/ hyperthreading. The i7 is a quad core w/ hyperthreading. In any game that can take advantage of a quad core, this would be a valued asset. Some games don't show much improvement on a dual vs quad core, however, for every one one that doesn't there is one that does.
    2) I like that they use a 7200RPM drive. No gaming laptop should use a 5400RPM drive. However, I see they have an option for +$50 to go to a Seagate Momentus XT. These drives are great because they have a small SSD on them. It helps speed things up and uses it as an onboard cache basically. It helps with boot times and game load times quite a bit. I've heard nothing but GOOD things about these. I actually have one in my PS3 and it boots and loads game levels much faster. It's a very worthwhile upgrade.

    I must say that this SAGER site has some really relevant upgrades on the list.I will have to remember this. Just in my searching I see they compare it to the ASUS alot. If you get this let me know how it is quality wise and just over all. Seems like a good buy.
  4. wow thanks for the great reply with that I'am feeling a lot more confident in this laptop,unless anyone else has any input might put in an order today
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