GF3 Ti200 with no FAN! O/Cing poss ?


New system contains OEM GF3 Ti200 board, with Philips TV out/in enocder chip :) It has no cooling at all on the RAM chips, but has a heat sink totally covering the GPU. When seriously playin Max Payne the Heatsink gets unbelievably hot, as in burning almost. I figure this isn't healthy. I also think the performace is a little dissapointing.

I would like to try some overclocking, Was going to try putting a 40mm Processor fan (3-pin) on the GPU first, and plug to SYS-FAN on the motherboard. Will this be sufficiant?
After seeing all the huge Hs/Fan's on the retails cards in Tom's articles, i am wondering if this will be enough for me to O/C it much.

I'm not after Ti500 performance or anything, but i would like to use what i have to the best of its ability. Im gonna make a note of the perofrmance in 3DMark 2k1 tonite to see how its score comapres to other in this forum. I seam to remeber getting about 1280 point at 1024x768 with 4x AA, but im not certain about that!

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  1. you could buy a fan to go ur graphics card... it might just help UR cooling a bit, look for a 40-60mm fan they arent too expensive... but if U think about it a heatsink is meant to get hot, if it wasnt then U would have a problem and OEM jobbies arent as good as say gainward or cos. that use the best bits...

    Anybody know how hot a GF3 chip gets (does it make a AMD Tbird fridge-like by comparison)???

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  2. The heatsink that comes stock will probably be better than an after market H/S fan combo.
    If you can afford to lose the use of the pci slot below tha AGP slot. I would screw a 50mm or 60mm cpu fan directly to the Existing heatsink.
    Sometimes you will have to bend the fins to make them close enough to grab a screw. And a fan this size on a heatsink that small wii usually only get 1 screw in the corner. Let the rest of the fan hang over the heatsink on the memory chip sides. This way it also circulates air over the memory as well, cooling it.

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  3. Thankyou guys for the advice. I have fitted a fairly decent ex-processor fan to the heatsink using some fairly long self-tapers. I wasnt bothered about the next two slots because there free apart form the end one. The fan is slightly overhanging the heat sink but not by much so i wont push the memory. May i ask what is the best solution for cooling the RAM chips and is it really necessary?

    The card runs much cooler to the touch now, and that must be better for the life of componants. Ill try a bit of OC tomorrow. The current 3D mark scores are as follows:

    Generic 23.11 drivers, stock mem and core speeds...
    2x Samples AA
    Double Frame Buffer
    Compressed Textures
    24-bit Z-buffering
    = 4054 3D Marks

    With a variane of _+ 3 between runs.

    I dont think its that bad im going to have a look at some other results tonite.

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