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Hi, I've finally built my computer with all of your help, and now I've realized its still not quite done. I bought a lovely cheap ass case off of ebay forgetting the saying you get what you pay for. The voltages for the Vcore dip down to 1.6 all the time. the -12 volt stays around -10. The voltages aren't steady at all. Also there is a 1/4 inch gap between the power supply and the cpu fan and my temperatures are very high because there is nowhere for it to pull the air from. So what I need is a power supply thats goint to take air from the outside and blow it down inside. Also I want some stead voltages. My question is where can I get one of these and about how much will one cost?

My parents warned me to wear earplugs when shooting a rifle, but never using my computer.
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  1. You should reconsider blowing hot air toward your cpu unless you want
    to get a new one. I don't know of a power supply than blows hot air
    into a case.

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  2. Don't listen to me if you don't know much about working with potentially dangerous electronics.

    You could reverse the direction the fan is pointing in the power supply.

    But to me that seems illogical.

    It would be easy to run a comparison to see which config worked best.

    Oh yeah, and sagging voltages is a sure sign your going to need a better supply, regardless of which fan direction gives better cooling.
  3. yeah, sounds like the psu is gonna be giving you problems...
    and yeah, if you open the powersupply, BE CAREFUL...dont touch the capacitors, and make sure that the fan is still working when you flip it over, and nothing is shorting...
    or you will be buying a new psu, and possibly, new components! a blown psu can kill a computer.


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  4. If you're going to replace that power supply, get an enermax or an antek PS that has 2 fans. Your PS will then suck the air from your HSF and exhaust it. This solves both problems (sagging power and no exhaust) but creates a third one, paying for it.

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  5. Thats the problem, if I have a power supply sucking air, thats even worse because my hsf blows air down onto the heatsink, and if the ps was trying to pull air from it, there would be virtually no air flow and i'd ahve a fried cpu and powersupply. My question is if I flipped the connector around and had the air being pulled from the hsf, would that as well? Also, with a ps that isn't pulling air from it, I get an idle temp at 60 degrees, without the power supply (I took it out and put it on top the case, a shoemaker job but it worked) I get temps around 43 degrees. Just thought I'd let you know how my temps are.

    My parents warned me to wear earplugs when shooting a rifle, but never using my computer.
  6. You need case fans. A power supply with a fan by the hsf actually
    pulls air to the hsf. When you removed the psu from the case, you
    removed a heat source and made an opening in your case. Does your
    case have a place for a fan on the back?

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  7. I'm not sure if all of you understand my situation here. The problem is not exuast, its intake of the hsf. the power supply is directly above the hsf, and when i say above i don't mean on the side, I mean its pararallel to the motherboard, the fan is only 1/4 inch away from it. I think a fan would just make it worse because if I made a fan pull air out, the hsf would have nowhere to pull the air from, and if I made the fan blow in, there would be nowhere for the fan to blow air to. Really I think the only solution now is to buy a new case, I really messed up when I bought this one.

    My parents warned me to wear earplugs when shooting a rifle, but never using my computer.
  8. Here's my two cents.

    If your case should have a fan mount on the lower front pannel for intake. If it doesn't you can
    A. Drill a whole in the side of your case and attatch a fan, which also makes it look cooler.
    B. Buy a case with good air flow.

    You could also add some exhaust fans to the top panel, which is good because it will be pulling the hottest air in the case.

    In any case you should get a new power supply, and it is a good idea to have the power supply pulling air from the case, not in. The power supply generates alot of head, and when you have it as an intake it does a good job of heating the "fresh" air that you want to be cooling your CPU with.
  9. or you could do like I did, bought a tower and it came with a 350 psu, it has one row of slots at the bottom. Then I bought 2 little 40mm (think that's what they are 1"x1") fans, carefully took the cover off of the psu, marked the spots that the fans would hit on it, drilled 8 holes (4 for each fan) in it fer screws, marked the slots on the grill fer where the fans would be cut them out with a pair of tin snips and used a file to smooth the edges out (a dremel would work a lot better though) mounted the two fans suckin the air into the psu with screws and nuts, took my system temp down about 20 degree F. All in all what I'm sayin is I modded a 10 buck psu into what you could buy fer 60-70

    edit: and no, the hsf will still blow air down onto the hs and the psu fans drawin out will take the hot air off of the hs coolin it even more. If you reverse the fan in yer psu you'd be blowin air that is about 20-30 degree F hotter onto the hs heatin it up even more. The air that is blown down onto the hs from the hsf is cooler by far if you have an intake fan in the front, an exaust fan in the back, and an exaust fan in the psu because the air inside of the system should only be around 80 degree F (mine is usually around 70 F idle 89 full load) and I'm runnin an AMD Athlon XP 1800+, GeForce 3 Ti500 (monster heat source), on a nForce board
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  10. I have an Antec sx830 and it just dawned on me where a 120mm fan might go. Right smack dab in the center of the floor. It can pull the air straight up into the box. Since there are removable filters available, dust would not be a problem. It would also be totally out of sight. I could possibly even retire one of the 80mm fans in the front, leaving the fan in the 3.5in drive bay.

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