Can i play crysis 2?

my system spec:
intel core i5-3210M 2.5 ghz with turbo boost upto 3.1ghz
4gb ddr3 memory
nvidia geforce gt 630m with 2gb dedicated vram.
500 gb hard disc
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  1. Yes, but not with the DX11 patch and the high resolution texture pack. In other words, playing the vanilla DX9 version right out of the box should be fine.

    I assume you laptop has a 1366x768 resolution screen.
  2. thanks.actually i ve installed it earlier.but a error mes comes on the screen.some iij15.dll file is missing. i ve buyed acer aspire v3-571G recently.plz help
  3. Is it a legit game copy?
  4. I can't tell you a definite answer without knowing what resolution you plan on playing on but at a decent resolution (maybe 1600x900 and below)
    it should be butter smooth.
    But at 1920x1080 I can't tell although I'd expect it would be fast due to the awesome graphics card and processor.

    Honestly it sounds to me like it could run easily since my laptop is much weaker and runs slightly laggy on max but butter smooth on low. (Medium..I can't remember but probably quite well)
    it shouldn't be a problem. :D
  5. We aren't supposed to talk about how you can play pirated games on this site. Now I'm not saying you did pirate the game because I'm not sure about that but we can't help you here with piracy.

    You do not meet the minimum requirements to run Crysis 2 according to futuremark game requirements check. Though I know you can run it because I've saw videos on youtube of people running Crysis 2 with a 630m on Advanced settings @1366x768.
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