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I'm trying to install Spore onto my laptop, but when I insert the disc it just makes a little noise than asks me to insert a disc to the disc drive. This is the same whether leaving it, accessing the disc drive through My Computer and Run-Autorun. It just won't recognise theres a disc in there - however it recognises old discs that already installed without any problems. Its not the disc either - it's brand new and works on two of my housemates computers with the same spec and less! Help please?
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  1. I'm not an expert but I hope this helps;
    perhaps you don't have administrator privileges or the CD drive may be
    sort of 'weird' like one of my old laptops where it recognizes game CDs only sometimes (sometimes had to restart the laptop to get it to work I can't explain this behavior but it is an old laptop that can't even play DVDs I think...)

    Try going into the CD folder and right clicking autorun.exe and click 'Run as administrator'.
  2. There is no 'CD folder', as is doesn't recognise there's a disc in there. When I click on my disc drive it just comes up with an alert saying 'Please insert a disc into disc drive D' :(
  3. sounds like your laser isnt reading the disk... use some cleaning fluid to lightly clean the lens.
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