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I am building a budget PC and would like to know if I would be able to play Battlefield 3 in 1080p, at least 30fps at medium or high settings. I plan on using an Intel i3 2100 processor paired with an Nvidia GTX560 SE graphics card.

Graphics Card:


I am coming from an Xbox 360 and would like to know if, with this hardware, Battlefield 3 would look better than an Xbox 360's graphics while maintaining a playable framerate.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. It looks good on low and medium, so no probs there, not sure if it looks better than xbox though, i'd suggest that the higher frame rate may be more important

    I would say that a quad is almost a necessity if you are going onto 32x32 servers. my Q9550 struggled on high density matches. my i5 doesn't.
  2. It will look amazing compared to xbox. You should be able to run it at medium-high settings with those specs.
  3. get a quad if you can.
  4. gtx 560 should work fine, i run a gtx 570 on ultra with no problems.
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    tinytim88 said:
    gtx 560 should work fine, i run a gtx 570 on ultra with no problems.

    Disregard this. A 570 on full ultra settings but with 0x MSAA (meaning not true ultra) bottoms at 54 fps. It's largely ok, but it does have problems and goes below 60 fps in certain areas on several maps.

    OP, a 560 should be fine to run the game on High settings, with post processing enabled but 0x MSAA enabled. The game will look nice and should rarely go much below 60 fps. If it does, and if that bothers you (as it probably should and will), you can always try dropping shadows down a notch for instance. In general, if you're on a tight budget yes those two components can handle BF3. I would really recommend that you get at least a 560ti or 6950 though. They cost a fair bit more than the price on that 560, but in general they are considered the true entry-level cards for gaming at 1080 in BF3 with high settings and never* going below 60 fps. Just a recommendation, nothing concrete.
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